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Stroll, breathe, share, contemplate...

Why don’t you take the time to experience these little joys right now ? Machecoul and its surroundings can be discovered alone, together with your family or friends, during a stay or while having a walk. Experience the charm of the Breton Marshes, of the countryside right next to the sea, the various walks and rides…on foot, on horseback, by bicycle, by canoe, by an ultra light airplane… And there are lots of events throughout the year that you can attend.
Come and visit us in the Tourist Offices in Bourgneuf en Retz or in Machecoul.
We will gladly provide you with all the information needed and guide you throughout your stay. Relaxing, recharging your batteries, enjoying cultural activities or entertainment – it’s up to you…
I hope you will enjoy each moment of your stay, fall in love with the surroundings and share your experiences with others.

President of the Tourist Office of Machecoul region

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