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Ocearium in Le Croisic

At the nursery, meet young rays and baby lobsters. Thanks to the fascinating walk through the underwater tunnel, discover sharks, groupers and wringed rays swimming quietly around you. When you have admired the many species of the Atlantic ocean , go with the tide and follow the jellyfish ballet.
The pingouins, Océarium mascot always have a large sucess, especially, when dinner is served every day, at 11am, 3pm and 5 pm : don’t miss the show !!Follow your visit with ’Vancouver island’ exhibit and discover nothwest pacific fishes, their strange shapes and wonderful colours. Set off for the tropics with species from the red and the carribean seas in the expansion ’The Lagoon’. End up your visit with ’The Cyclades’ : groupers moray eels, scorpion fish from the mediterranean sea are moving here between rocky shore and amphoras.

Grand Parc des Légend es

After a short ride trought unspoiled countryside on our little train, set off on an exchanting circuit where each exhibit boasts magnificent scenery along with audio and video stations to make your visit a particularly vibrant and exhilarating experience.
Enter an exquisitely decorated world and embark on adventures full of flair action, humour and romance. Everything has been carefully designed to allow you to experience the incredible world of fairytales and legends in a memorable way.

Puy du Fou

Voted the ’World’s Best Park’ in Los Angeles, the Puy du Fou is celebrating the Grand Parc’s 25th anniversary with an explosion of exclusive new attractions !
So come and enjoy a unique experience in the depths of a hundred year old forest. Whether you’re looking for spectacular shows, lush greenery or unusual hotels, Puy du Fou transports you through the centuries for an unforgettable family stay. Get ready to travel through time !
The Grand Shows : Triumph’s Sign, The Vikings, The Phantom Birds’ Dance, The Secret of the Lance, Richelieu’s musketeer
Night-time Shows : The Cinescenie and The Organs of Fire
As well as many other : The Renaissance at the castle, The Knights of the Round Table, The Imaginary World of La Fontaine, The Great Waters, Traditional Musicians, Martin’s Legend, The Puy du Fou Odyssey...

Planète Sauvage” in Port St Père

In an exceptional natural setting, “Planète Sauvage” invites all the family to mount up for some adventure...With their own car, visitors follow the track near animals for 10 kilometres. The safari trail is divided into 15 parts where giraffes, lions, wolves, bears, elephants and much more can be seen. The zoo is currently home to four elephants. There are also different pedestrian parts : The bush village and the ark of reptiles, an authentic reconstruction of a village in Senufo country in Ivory Coast, The island of flamingos and jungle route - a landscaped area that was a colony of flamingos. The Marine City - five dolphins. Visitors can also take the "4x4 Off Road Adventure" led by a guide that will get them even closer to the animals.


On the very spot where ocean liners used to moor alongside Saint-Nazaire’s quays, inside the former submarine base, Escal’Atlantic offers you a unique experience and the discovery of the world of legendary liners. More than 1.3 million visitors have already discovered this venue which is unique in Europe. Escal’Atlantic tells the story of the transatlantic liners, where multimedia devices enhance an outstanding collection of art and artefacts from ocean liners.

“Sous Marin Espadon”

The French submarine Espadon (“swordfish” in French) is open to visitors inside the fortified lock of the harbour of Saint-Nazaire. The lock as a matter of fact used to be the very first harbour entrance, dating back to 1856 ; during World War 2, it was fortified by the German army to be part of the huge submarine base. This 78-m long submarine was built in Le Havre and launched in 1958 before taking up service in 1960. The Espadon was able to dive for up to 5 or 6 days. Its electric engines insured maximum speed of 16 knots on the surface and 18 knots under water. During its 25 year long career, the Espadon spent 2,561 days on sea and 33,796 hours diving ; it covered 360,547 nautical miles, i.e. the equivalent of 17 times the circumference of the earth ! Its home port was Lorient. The Espadon has been open to the public since 1987. It’s the only museum submarine in France which is afloat.

"Saint-Nazaire by the Sea"

Between April and September, “Visit Saint-Nazaire” regularly organises two-hour cruises which make you discover all the aspects of Saint- Nazaire and also its identity as a maritime city. The comments (for the time being only available in French) make you understand the fascinating history of Saint-Nazaire which has always had a special relationship with the sea.

Erdre River Cruise in Nantes
Discover the richness of the river Erdre with a guided tour, learn about its history, its chateaux and its flora and fauna.


WATER PARK in the Ile de Noirmoutier
Ile de Noirmoutier water park, Océanile, would love to welcome you to an adrenalin-pumping experience. Wave pools, slides, Torrent slide, Rivière Lente, hot tubs, water slide with inflatable rings, geyser, waterfall and children’s games. There is a wide selection of things to do : from the pool to the wave pool. There’s also a water park for young kids. Restaurants on location. 2 new arrivals in the water park : the Raft and Tube are ideal for adrenalin junkies !

"Futuroscope "

Let yourself be amazed by a unique destination in France : nature, adventure, culture, unusual activities, among friends, family or for a romantic holiday ! Come and discover the Futuroscope amusement park that gives you more than 25 experiences and a whole new level of fun ! Futuroscope is a theme park based upon multimedia, cinematographic futuroscope and audio-visual techniques. It has several 3D cinemas and a few 4D cinemas along with other attractions and shows, some of which are the only examples in the world.

"Terra Botanica"

All aspects of plant life - historical, geographical, economic, symbolic, scientific and aesthetic are here. It’s a major new attraction, divided into four different ’worlds.’ The park covers 11 hectares. Go for attractions like the film about the 18th-century Atlantic crossing to Venezuela of naturalist and explorer, Alexander von Humbolt. There are attractions that you’d expect in a theme park : rides (in a boat, or pedaling a walnut over the tops of the trees), films, games that teach children (and adults) about plants. In the ’Mysterious’ plants area, don’t miss the 3D film Journey to the Centre of the Plant following the journey of a raindrop through the tree in a seat that moves you around and mirrors the journey.

Ferry crossing to the Ile d’Yeu

with ferry companies : "Compagnie Vendéenne" and "Compagnie Yeu Continent"
The island of Yeu, which became a permanent island around 5000 BC, concentrates in just 23 km2 a diversity of landscapes : long sandy beaches and dunes held with the help of coniferous woods ; a wild coast with its proud cliffs, embracing golden sandy coves ; barren moors where sea thrifts shiver under the wind ; sunken roads crossing anticlinal valleys or skirting cliffs ; marsh and “bocage” countryside and its numerous parcels where houses with low tiled roofs and colourful shutters are snuggled behind the foliage of willows and sloe trees.
With its 5000 inhabitants of which a quarter are under 25, the island of Yeu stays a highly welcoming and alive island, strongly caught by this sea fever which impress all, and sea lovers, when stopping over, even if just for a day.
As it is said here “Oya deux jours, Oya toujours” (“Oya a day, Oya forever”)

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